Harvesting native lilies – Analysis


John found that there was a viable alternative to the traditional method of hand harvesting seeds from Bulbine bulbosa. Overall, yields for alternative harvesting methods were lower than the traditional method and yields decreased as the alternative harvest time got later. However, the yield from early harvesting method was not substantially lower than the hand method; of the three methods investigated, it is the best alternative to hand harvesting.

This figure shows 95% confidence intervals for mean seed yield adjusted for number of fruit at harvest commencement.

John discusses the analysis

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Questions to consider

  • Produce a graphical display to illustrate the seed yield using the different methods of harvesting.
  • Produce a graphical display to show the seed sizes for different harvesting methods.
  • Does the seed yield vary according to the method of harvesting?
  • Are there other plant characteristics that you should consider in assessing seed yield?
  • Does the effect of harvesting on seed yield change when you take other plant characteristics into account?
  • What is the likely yield for each harvest method? Give a confidence interval for each method.
  • Does the method of harvesting influence the duration of harvest? Provide a graphical display to show which method is most time-consuming.
  • Does the method of harvesting affect the size of the seeds?
  • Write a short report indicating which method(s) of harvesting you would recommend. Include some graphs to support your recommendation.