Managing native grasslands – Data

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Note that the data file only includes dry weight data from the second harvest. Although John’s primary interest was in the native flowers (species 3 to 14), he also recorded the dry weight of the three grasses (species 1, 2 and 15).

Definition of species and treatment variables in data file

Species Number Species name Common name
1 Austrodanthonia caespitosa Wallaby grass
2 Themeda triandra Kangaroo grass
3 Wahlenbergia stricta Australian bluebell
4 Pycnosorus chrysanthes Golden billy buttons
5 Leucochrysum albicans Hoary sunray
6 Helichrysum scorpiodes Button everlasting
7 Bulbine bulbosa Native lily
8 Linum marginale Native flax
9 Arthropodium strictum Chocolate lily
10 Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common everlasting yellow buttons
11 Calocephalus citreus Lemon beauty heads
12 Craspedia variabilis Common billy-buttons
13 Velleia paradoxa Spur velleia
14 Podolepis jaceoides Showy copper-wire daisy
15 Microlaena stipoides Weeping grass
Combined Nutrient and Mowing treatment
1 Treatment A – high nutrients and annual mowing
2 Treatment B – high nutrients and biennial mowing
3 Treatment C – low nutrients and annual mowing
4 Treatment D – low nutrients and biennial mowing

Definition of remaining variables in data file

Row Row in latin square
Column Column in latin square
Weight Dry weight in grams
Mowing Mowing treatment: 1 = annual, 0 = biennial
Nutrient Nutrient treatment: 1 = high nutrients, 0 = low nutrients
T1 Treatment (Species 1)
R1 Row in latin square (Species 1)
C1 Column in latin square (Species 1)
W1 Dry weight in grams of Species 1
M1 Mowing treatment (Species 1)
N1 Nutrient treatment (Species 1)
T2 Treatment (Species 2)
R2 Row in latin square (Species 2)
C2 Column in latin square (Species 2)
W2 Dry weight in grams of Species 2
M2 Mowing treatment (Species 2)
N2 Nutrient treatment (Species 2)
T8 Treatment (Species 8)
R8 Row in latin square (Species 8)
C8 Column in latin square (Species 8)
W8 Dry weight in grams of Species 8
M8 Mowing treatment (Species 8)
N8 Nutrient treatment (Species 8)
T15 Treatment (Species 15)
R15 Row in latin square (Species 15)
C15 Column in latin square (Species 15)
W15 Dry weight in grams of Species 15
M15 Mowing treatment (Species 15)
N15 Nutrient treatment (Species 15)