Preventing falls – Data

The data provided here is not the original data. The commitment given to study participants does not permit release of individual records. A data set has been generated with properties that are very similar to those in the original study.

Download Excel Data File

Definitions of variables in data file

Subject Participant number
Group 1 Exercise, vision and home hazards interventions
2 No interventions (control group)
3 Exercise and vision interventions
4 Home hazards intervention
5 Exercise and home hazards interventions
6 Vision and home hazards interventions
7 Vision intervention
8 Exercise intervention
Exercise 0 = No exercise intervention, 1 = Exercise intervention
Vision 0 = No vision intervention, 1 = Vision intervention
Home hazards 0 = No home hazards intervention, 1 = Home hazards intervention
Time Time to first fall in days
Censoring 0 = Censored, 1 = Not censored (participant has had a fall)