Study of graft arteries – Study Design

  • Patient risk factors

    • Age in years
    • Sex
    • Presence of diabetes
    • History of cigarette smoking
    • Presence of peripheral vascular disease
    • Presence of cerebrovascular disease
    • Presence of hypercholesterolemia

  • Arterial abnormalities (obtained from histopathology)

    (For details about the histopathology, see Background.)

    • Presence of intimal thickening
    • Presence of medial calcification or atherosclerosis
    • Type of atherosclerosis

  • Indicators of disease severity (obtained from morphometric analysis)

    (For details about the morphometric analysis, see Background.)

    • Percentage of luminal narrowing
    • Intimal thickness index
    • Intima-to-media ratio

  • Other measures obtained from morphometric analysis

    • Diameter of lumen + intima
    • Internal elastic lamina area
    • Intimal area
    • Medial area
    • Width of intima
    • Width of media

Statistician’s description of study design

Brian and Lek’s study used a clinical sample and made several measurements on two artery types for the same patients.